Suggestions for identifying additional storage space in your home

Over the years we have collected an incredible amount of mess. What we hold on to for sentimental reasons, ‘just in case’ and sometimes simply as a matter of family growth. But how do you capture all of this, especially when minimalism is a new trend? The new home doesn’t seem to provide enough storage space, but the old one does provide space that is hard to use and hard to use.

So, what can you do?

Start by looking around your home to consider how much storage space you actually need. Identify problem areas and be honest. Will emptying help free up storage space? Or is it definitely an issue that needs to be accommodated more? If you’re looking to accommodate more, take a look at how to update your single-function furniture with multifunctional furniture to provide a quick repair solution. If updating furniture isn’t an option, you just need to decide what to hide to create more space. Identify ‘dead’ spaces around your home. Identify prominent places such as walls and corners and inconspicuous places such as half-filled cupboards, single-rail wardrobes, and space under the bed. Then search the internet or go to your local DIY store to buy it. Some inspiration and possible solutions.


Corridors are notorious for dumping dumps. No matter how small your space, you need to find a way to accommodate your visitors’ coats and shoes. Designs for coats and shoe racks can range from versatile, stand-alone designs to slim lines that attach to the wall. Choose a design that fits the space, not the situation. If your stairs don’t have carpet, consider making the lower steps into drawers, and if you have free space under the stairs, consider converting them. Drawer storage is effective if the hallway is wide enough. Add a shelf or use it to store household items like vacuum cleaners and ironing boards.


Think about how to use your space more efficiently. Does the show really need all those gadgets? Think of a drop-down TV or pull-out/drop-leaf table to help maximize the minimum space. Stacking storage systems really help make the most of your interior cupboard space. You can add more storage space by simply adding a wire basket inside the door. Invest in a drawer divider to organize your cutlery and cutlery drawers and organize all your cleaning materials together to clear the space under your sink. If you are very interested in recycling, recycle by designating a designated area for each material you recycle. If you add shelves or wire mesh baskets to store fresh fruits and vegetables, and your kitchen can accommodate a kitchen trolley, opt for one with a butcher block and some storage facilities.


It’s perfect for storing bathroom items like shower gel, soap, shampoo, etc., so consider installing a pull down bath panel. Buy a hammock with suckers or invest in a string bag with hooks. This is great for storing children’s toys or personal items. smithereens. If space permits, choose cabinets with mirrors. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they offer excellent storage space. Add door coat hooks to store extra towels, laundry bags or individual laundry bags.


If you don’t have a floor-to-ceiling closet, consider investing. Or think about the internal accessories. Most wardrobes can accommodate two hanging rails. Installing a pull-out trouser rail may also leave enough space underneath for a shoe rack. Make the most of the space below by buying a hanging pocket that can hang on top of the door to hold your shoes, scarf, belt, and investing in a durable storage box or vacuum bag for seasonal storage if you don’t have a bed with drawers. idea.

living room

As the main room of the house, it can get a bit messy if the items don’t have a defined space. Kids toys can be stored in blanket boxes, wicker boxes and storage pouches, or hidden behind a multifunctional screen. Large multi-storage devices are available to accommodate all your game consoles, gaming gear, audio gear, CDs and DVDs.

Whatever storage problems you have, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You might think space is an issue, but there are so many different storage ideas you can use and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with a little imagination.

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